[My Diary] Disturbing

The third call in 2 days and he doesn’t seem to stop. What does he want from me this time?

It’s not like he suddenly starts to feel for me again. But even if it’s true, there’s nothing left for us to have a start. For the first time in my life I can finally start over again and let go of the past. But would the past be left out easily? Can sth be gone for good? I guess not…

Sometimes I wonder if it’s me who’s still not sure what to feel about him. I dont love him. Not anymore. But do I hate him? No, i don’t think so. Despite of all he’s done, I have no resentment. It’s just things cant be the way it is anymore. I cant be his good girlfriend that he thinks he can call at any moment in the middle of the night. I have taken enough of being treated like that. He had enough of my tolerance. I cant give him no more. Especially for now.

How funny it is now. When all of the “ex-guys” all come to ring my phone at the same time. Hey boys should I tell ya that I run out of patience to be nice with all of you? Or I just hang up the phone and ignore your texting messages. Even if i’m by my self now, it’s no way i gonna give any of you a chance. I’m so over it. Over your lies, your game, your idiotic arrogance. Ain’t you see that or you’re too blind to get the signal?
What left of us to talk about? Just go and live your life and deal with your troubles. It’s none of my business now. Stop pretending that we’re sth special cause we’re not. The path is so gone. Dont bring it up. Dont you dare to bring it up assh*le.


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