[Journal] New semester. Here i go again!

Well i think i will start the new sem with something new as well: writing daily journal. Everyday a note if possible. Or at least once a week. New personal hobby. Im really a talky-mind girl :p
For those who’s reading it, yes you can feel free to do it, ’cause i’m not goin to set privacy or block it. Too lazy for that.But it’ll in english most of the time and its mostly about my personal working day. Sometimes would be some creepy thoughts so dont judge me for that. And please respect it and dont take it out of here, dont quote it or use it agaisnt me. That would be mean you know that. But yes, you could cmt in the box below if wish so. Thank you.

Sem A14 – day 1
12 pm and im sittin in the canteen, having my lunch. All look good. I have my books here with me. I’ve done arranging my timetable. 3 courses. Gonna be a busy semester. I hope i can survive. Lol
Finish my dish, i look up. There he is. Mr Dung my former teacher of inter business, sittin across me from a distance, chattin with some friends. Still i can observe him well. He looks just as my memory can draw out. White shirt, calm face, quite young comparing to most lecture in school. I like him. At least i ve never fell asleep in his class. Favorite male teacher in this uni by far. And in fact im going to be in his class again this time. I ticked him up as soon as i saw his name. Its good to see a familiar face again. But not today. I’ll be seeing tomorrow mr Dung. Until then, take care – good day.

2pm day 1
Im in commercial class of mr Ismail. Interesting. He has improved alot. I always like him. He’s kind patient and dedicated but the last few courses he wasnt quite good at teaching. But he seems a lit better now. Im thinking maybe i will come to his lecture every monday if possible. I love law and i want to review this course again. Without exams it would be great.


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