[My Diary] Thoughts about my oldie friends in A6

It’s midnight and though tired like hell, I, once again, find hard to lay down.

Yeah, I have been through a long day. Running around the city the whole morning. Back home in noon, cooking and then picking up my ass for another marathon till night. Pretty crazy busy day, you can tell. But it’s not the exciting night that keeps me awake. In fact, beer really made my head spinning around a bit. I know what I  should do now is heading to my warm bed, not sitting by the laptop.

So, I’ll try to be short. It’s about my oldie friends. Seeing them a lot recently has really given this strange feeling. The truth is they were never my closest friends back then in junior, even to some of them I rarely talked more than 2 words a day in the whole year. And most of their stories I dont get as I’d never been a part of them. You may think that it must been so boring to go with them cause I really dont have much to say. Well, quite the oposite, I dont mind much. In fact, I’d like to sit quietly listening to their never-ending-talks. I find amazed that after many years they’re still so close to each others. They rememberred tons of little details that I hardly recall about other classmates, teachers and themselves. I sometimes forget how I was like when I was 14. My memories about these days in secondary are generally quiet and sad. And their stories somehow bring back the good ones, even though those are not mine.

I can see most of the boys growing up into really decent men and I’m happy for that. Some of them are even very warm and gentle.  So though I didnt know them well back then, I feel to like them a lot more now. I believe I’ve seen enough to tell that many guys nowadays are truly a**holes. So it’s really nice to know that good guys are not entirely vanished.

I dont need to tell much about the girls. They’ve been always the pretty, strong and excellent young ladies as I’ve ever known since then. I just have the feeling that our girls born in 92 are always a little bit “man-ly” compare to the boys. Maybe that’s why many of us, young and beautiful, are still single. Guys dont like too “independent women”, I know. Well, it’s not a bad thing anyway. What should come would come in the right time with the right one.

I think I’ll miss them alot. Cause I know we may never have many chances to see each others again like the last few days. We’ll all get too busy with work and other relationships. The next 5 or 10 years, we may have our own family to take care of. How often can we gather together like this again? Tonight we are young and we’re celebrating that wonderful thing. Time always flies too fast and before we know it, everything will become memories again. Well, at least then, we’ll all have good memories to think of and feel young once again.


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