Before Midnight (2013) ☆☆☆1/2(3/5/4) : It’s still wonderful to meet them again

Hú yeah. Cúi cùng phim cũng ra rồi. Reblog để đó thôi chứ chưa đọc vội. Đợi xem phim cái đã. Chỉ cần đọc cái tựa thôi là hạnh phúc rồi. P3 vẫn hay như 2 phần trứoc. Tuyệt quá *tung hoa* Couple huyền thoại của mình càng già càng cay thì phải. Hy vọng happy ending :”>

Seongyong's Private Place

beforemidnight04After long years, they live together as a couple. They are no longer two young students who accidentally met each other for the first time in “Before Sunrise”(1995), and they are more jaded than when they came across the possibility of second chance as two older and wiser adults in “Before Sunset”(2004), but it is still wonderful to meet them again and we find ourselves drawn to their thoughts and feelings as they talk and talk.

As the third chapter of ‘Before Trilogy’, Richard Linklater’s “Before Midnight” looks beyond where its predecessor “Before Sunset” ended. Again, we observe them talk with each other or others during most of its running time, and the movie slowly reveals how much they are changed or not changed through its superlative conversations scenes shining with humor and intelligence. They can still have a fun while they are together, but, as an adult couple coping…

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