[My Diary] Still I found myself in a complex situation

I was typing a whole long lovely blog about 800 words about how I’m out of my mind for loving s.o that doesn’t love me (again -,-) and still I want to be there for him like a friend, a sister to show him that he may like me more than the girl who barely looked at his wounded leg or said something nice to him for getting stuff for her and instead, cast him away rudely like shooing a puppy and that maybe finally he’d not love me but at least i have fought for my love and so I’d have no regret, but I pressed for the wrong button and the entire work’s gone in a blink =.=

Who says there is no miracle? Sometimes miracle comes to you in a very strange form.

I fucking hate technology. Fine. Got it. I’m off. Screw you. Sorry for the 4-letter-word =.=


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Posted on Tháng Tư 6, 2013, in My Diary. Bookmark the permalink. Bạn nghĩ gì về bài viết này?.

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