[Me] Letter to my Sun

Dear Sun,

How have you been? Do you sleep well? Do you eat well? How is your work? Have you ever thought of… ME?

It’s been 3 days since the last time I saw you, but I feel like 3 years have pasted already. Time is too slow without you by my side, my dear. I miss you so. So much that it hurts…

The first day was so hard for me. Everything reminded me of you, even a TV show about Japan. I watched it and suddenly thought that how much you liked Japanese culture. In a minute, I struggled to not reach to the phone and call you. Almost I failed…

But it’s all right now. I think I can stand it. By time, the pain would fade away. I have figured out how not to miss you. I put my mind busy all the time. And it worked. Even though it couldn’t erase you completely of my thought, it made the ache easier to deal with. Maybe just a few more days, I would not be in pain so much every time I think of you. As time goes by, you’d be soon my past… At least. I hope so.

Would you be angry with me for I’m trying to forget you? Sorry but i’d not say I’m sorry. It must be this way. Hope you understand. I’ve gotta go my own way…

Take care,

The Earth


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