[The Pianist and The Hurt Locker] My heart was touched

First, I apologize my friends who find hard to read this post. Since I’m not using my poor lap, I cannot type Vietnamese. Another reason I want to pull this out in English’s b/c I feel it may be weird for me to express my current feeling in my own mother language while I believe English can deliver it best. Sorry again for any inconvenience!

I watched The Pianist 10 days ago and The Hurt Locker was just a few days after that. To be sincere with you, I was there because of Adrien Brody and Jeremy Renner. Brody has caught my attention for years and I told myself I have to watch his most famous film The Pianist. And for my Jeremy, my recent crush and “personal interest”, I admit that I have been searching and watching every piece of his works and thus, of course, The Hurt Locker was on the top of my list.

By chance, they are both war-movies that give me a close-up picture of people fighting and struggling in war. While Brody played a victim of WW II, who was struggling to survive through the hash time, Jeremy’s character was reckless, pretty insane US bomb squash in the Iraq battle field, a kind of fireman who rushes into the fire when no one does. Due to the differences between two characters, I found myself being moved in different ways but at the same time, being astonished by these two talented actors. I witnessed the deadly dangerous situations that both had experienced. And no word is good enough to describe my terrifying feeling about the brutalness of war, even it’s the anti-terrorism war or the Nazi’s discriminating crime. The two movies remind my how lucky I am for being born in peace and prospersity and how precious a peacefull life time is. And for sure that every one has seen these movies also has the same thoughts as mine. No man that has normal senses would like to start out a war for any reasons.

I also watched the “Oscar moment” of both Brody and Renner. And they were fanstatic, especially Brody’s and in my opinion, this is the best and most truthful Oscar speech ever. The 2003 Academy Award of Best Actor had gone to Brody for his beyond-excellent performance in The Pianist, which meaned he had defeated all the “big names” like Micheal Caine, Nicholas Cage, Daniel Day-Lewis and Jack Nicholson in the room. The moment his name was called, this sweetest man froze in astonishment for a minute before getting on the stage (where he kissed Halle Berry out of breath. Lucky the Catwoman =]] ) In the speech, after sincerely thanking all the supporters and peers and family, Brody had stopped the music  to finish up his speech (and the whole room applaused like saying, “Oh Thank God! At last, there is one guy brave enugh to cut out that impolite orchestra.” I love this moment :]]) speak out these from-bottom-of-heart words in tears:

” You know, it fills me with great joy but I also feel a lot of sadness for accepting this award at such a strange time. My experience of making this film has made me very aware of the sadness and dehumanisation of people at the time of war and either of you believe  in God or Allah may watch over you and pray for peaceful and […] revolution…”

And the entire movie stars in the Kodak Theater stood up and applaused respectfully. By that time, I was already in tears.

For Renner, although he didn’t make it but The Hurt Locker itself has set a record of the first female director winning the Oscar and other 5 awards including Best Feature. And for me that was just enough. He was there and for the first time the world turned their head looking at him when Collin Farrel spoke up his name. No matter he won it or not, to me, it was already a triumph. Did you ever feel so proud of someone even you dont actually know them? Well, I did feel that about Renner. Well done, Hawkeye! You’ve really kicked their ass :))


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  1. Well, peace time is going to end soon(hope not). And i really really hate wars. Meaningless fights, meaningless fights everywhere.

    And one completely irrelevant and stupid thing: guess who? 😛

    Số lượt thích

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